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Luang Prabang to Kamu Lodge (via Pak Ou caves), and return

Are you looking for a gentle, relaxed way to experience the magnificant Mekong River and Lao rural life, while staying overnight in a comfortable eco-lodge? We arrive at the Kamu Lodge in time for lunch, giving you plenty of time to spend the afternoon doing your own thing or getting involved in a range of lodge-organised activities. We return to Luang Prabang the following day.


Kamu Lodge is beautifully located on the banks of the Mekong River, surrounded by rice fields, small villages and forrested mountains. It's an eco-lodge engaged in low impact tourism for travellers who want to experience life here, not just pass by. The lodge works closely with the local villages and guests can see first hand life in rural Laos. 


Our tour to Khamu Lodge starts with a visit to the famous Pak Ou caves.

The Pak Ou caves have played a very important part in the spiritual heritage of the Luang Prabang region. Prior to Buddhism, the local people worshiped the spirits of nature, or Phi. The caves were considered to be associated with the river spirit. By the 16th century, Buddhism was adopted by the royal families of Laos and the caves became an important place of worship until the communist revolution in 1975. Many of the carvings in the caves date between the 18th and 20th centuries. There are Buddha images of all sizes but mostly classic Luang Prabang standing Buddhas. 

Length of cruise:

  • 6 hours 


Cost of cruise (kip):

xxxxxxxxkip per person


Cost includes:​

  • pick up from, and return to, your accommodation in Luang Prabang

  • entry to Pak Ou caves.

Cost excludes:

  • accommodation at Kamu Lodge (we can help you organise your level of accommodation there).


  • take a torch to make the best of the Pak Ou caves

  • water proof shoes if you choose to visit the rice fields.


DAY 1: Depart Luang Prabang to visit the Pak Ou caves. Then on to Kamu Lodge, arriving at lunch time.


DAY 2: Depart Kamu Lodge for Luang Prabang, departing at a time suitable for you and the other guests.

Where to board boat:

Don't worry. We will pick you up from your accommodation.

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