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Pak Ou Buddha caves
Pak Ou Buddha caves

Half-day cruise to Pak Ou (Buddha) caves

The famous Pak Ou caves have played a very important part in the spiritual heritage of Laos. Prior to Buddhism, the local population worshiped the spirits of nature, or Phi. The caves were considered to be associated with the river spirit. By the 16th century, Buddhism was adopted by the royal families of Laos and the caves became an important place of worship for them until the communist revolution of 1975. Every year the King and the people of Luang Prabang made pilgrimage to the caves as part of the new-year religious observances. Artisans were commissioned by the royal family to prepare sculptures. Many of the carvings in the caves date between the 18th and 20th centuries.


There are two caves. The mouth of the main cave, known as Tham Ting, is beautifully visible and accessible from the river via a series of steps. This cave is full of Buddha images of all sizes but mostly classic Luang Prabang standing Buddhas. The second cave is via a longer series of steps going up and around. Take a torch with you to get the best out of visiting this cave.


After cave we take you  return back to Luang Prabang.

Length of cruise: 8:45am to 2pm (still time to enjoy the sunset from Phou Si Mountain or join us for the sunset cruise)

Charter private tour cruise half day

Private Cruise - Price mentioned below are from 1-4 person- included Taxes

  • Low season May - September Price from 1-4 people $100 USD

  • High season September to May 1-4 people $115 USD

  • Cost for extra more than 4 pax: $15 USD / person 


Tour includes:

  • Boat

  • Local taxes

  • English speaking staff or tour guide

  • Bottled water

  • Coffee or Lao green tea

  • Snack

  • one way pick up from your hotel


Tour excludes beverages.


  • Bring a torch to get the best out of the Buddha caves.

Where to board boat:

Meet our guide or driver at your hotel.

* We can take up to 20 people. Cost will vary with more than 4 people.

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