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Lao Educational Aid Project


Since 2015 Thong has been helping schools in regional Laos with money donated from his river cruising business, and other donors. Recently on 3 December 2019 he visited three schools – Nong Chong Primary and High School, and Boumxang Primary School – delivering aid with some help from two Australian donors. See below.

We are currently trying to find a way to except online donations. We have a bank account you can donate to:

Bank: Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public (BCEL)

Bank Account Number: 057-12-0101050724001


If you have a problem donating this way, contact Thong by email


Head Master of Nong Chong Primary School, Mr Seng In Tason, receiving sporting equipment from Thong.


Mr Seng In Tason with a donor from Australia.


Children with two donors from Australia.


Thong giving out donated clothing.


Donations for Nong Chong schools.


Children with donated text books.

About the Lao Educational Aid Project

Established in 2013, the Lao Educational Aid Project uses donations from various individuals to support schools in regional Laos. The project’s main objective is to improve the educational experience of school children from kindergarten to secondary school level. 


The Project aims to do this by using donations to:

  1. Buy school supplies for students including books, notebooks, pens, pencils etc ($500 per child for one year);

  2. Cover school fees of students who’s families are too poor: Kindergarten (300,000 KIP per year); Primary School ($150 per year ); Secondary school ( $600 per year)

  3. Provide food supplies ($200 per child for one year); 

  4. Provide school uniforms ($100 per child for one year, two sets of school uniforms);

  5. Provide school tables and chairs for the whole school (20 tables and 20 chairs, 1 chair sitting two students $600)

  6. Building new schools ($30,000 for one school);

  7. Providing water filter for clean drinking water ($50 per school); 

  8. Building a water well ($1,000 will also support and provide water for the whole village);

  9. Providing medical supplies ($100 per village per year)

  10. Providing to buy socks for kids, clothes, warm jacket for winter season, blanket, towels, shoes ($65 per kid per year )   


In the past six years, since its establishment, the Lao Educational Aid Project has successfully managed to support six schools in six different Laos villages, where the student’s ages vary from 5-18 years old. These schools are:

  1. Khokkham School (school supplies, sport equipment, furniture and a water filter);

  2. Khokpoo School (school supplies numerous times, and a water filter).

  3. Sopvanh School (school supplies and a water filter);

  4. Phomsay School (a water filter; school supplies; repairing the school furniture and repainting the school building; providing coats and uniforms; sports kit for the school football team; canned and dried foods and medical supplies);

  5. Boumxieng School (water filter, medical supplies, dry foods, uniforms and the school is in need of a water well in the future)

  6. Ban Keo School (a water filter, school supplies, medical supplies);

  7. Nong Chong School (the project is planning support to be made, including: water filter, sport equipment, combs, tooth brushes, mosquito spray, school uniform, school supplies and medical supplies).


The Project provided, and where possible, continues to provide all seven schools with school supplies. The Project has worked with teachers, community chiefs and the governors to ensure that students receive and benefit from the donations. 


Through more donations, the Project would also like to provide a sponsorship program for under-privileged children; help build water wells in schools and continue a sustainable way of helping under-privileged children gain an education. 


Donations can be made to the Project by providing cash donations, or buying school supplies, medical supplies, school uniforms or any other items locally in Laos or from your own country. Online donations are also welcome.


The project has arranged a number of visits for donors to the schools, including to Khokkam, Khokpoo, Ban Keo, Phomsay, Boumxieng school, to donate their items in person. Their donations included school supplies, medical supplies and sport equipment. The project intends to carry out many visits where the donors are able to visit the location and meet with students and to see the benefit of their donations).

* $ = USDollars

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