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Hoi Kau waterfall
Hoi Kau waterfall
making pottery Ban Chan village
making pottery Ban Chan village

Ban Chan (pottery village) and Hoi Kau waterfall

Ban Chan is a village on the edge of the Mekong where they specialise in making pottery. This is an opportunity for you to witness how they turn lumps of clay into products essential to Lao life. You can even try yourself if you like. And you will also experience genuine life in a Lao village.


We then go onto to the Hoi Kau waterfall. We get there after a short took took ride from the boat pier. Water tumbles down a steep limestone edge on its way from the mountains to the Mekong River. From the limestone the water becomes calciferous and deposits calcium onto the rocks below. This produces layered pools at the bottom.


The water then flows through beautifully-kept grounds, great for relaxing and enjoying a picnic, or you can eat at the restaurant overlooking the water. There are many comfortable bamboo shelters throughout the garden for relaxing and enjoying your picnic.


A thrilling zip-line attraction is set up amongst magnificent trees infront of the waterfall. Test your nerve if you dare!

Length of cruise:

8:30am to 3:30pm (leaving plenty of time to enjoy the sunset from Phou Si Mountain or join us on our sunset cruises.


Cost per boat (for 1-6 people)

  • US$120/boat*


Cost includes:

  • Boat

  • Entry to Ban Chan

  • Entry to the Hoi Kau waterfall

  • Transport from and to your accommodation

  • Government charges and taxes.


Cost excludes:

  • zipline fees


  • Take some extra cash. You may be tempted to purchase some pottery products in Ban Chan or try the biplane at the waterfall.

  • Take a picnic to have in the many comfortable shelters around the gardens at the waterfalls.


Where to board boat:

Don't worry. We will pick you up from, and return you to, your accommodation.

* We can take up to 20 people. Cost will vary with more than six people.

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